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Chris Brannick

Chair of Sound Connections

Chris Brannick has been in demand as a solo and chamber percussionist for over 30 years. He was principal percussion for Glyndebourne Touring Opera between 1990 and 2015 before leaving to concentrate on chamber music.
He was a founder member of the iconoclastic contemporary percussion quartet ensemblebash with whom he has performed at venues worldwide including the BBC Proms, the Sydney Festival, the National Theatre in Accra, Ghana, and at La Notte Della Taranta festival in Italy to an audience of over 50,000.
Chris Brannick’s is a polymath whose career has encompassed mathematics, music, writing, singing, acting, executive coaching and business management.
He has a maths degree from Imperial College, London, an honorary degree from the Royal Academy of Music and a Masters’ Diploma in Executive Coaching. In addition to these qualifications, he is an award-winning screenwriter (Global Motion Picture Awards Best Screenplay 2018) and a published and performed playwright (most recently with Get Fit With Bruce Willis and Painted Love).
His theatrical company Two Foolish Productions has put on plays at the Brighton and Edinburgh Fringes as well as at various venues around the UK.
He has written a book World Beats (published by A&C Black), which is a complete resource for primary school classroom teachers exploring drumming styles from various cultures around the world.
Chris has been both the Joint CEO and Interim Senior Director for the Newham Music Trust (the Music Education Hub leader for Newham) where he is currently Chair of the Board.
As an Executive Coach, he is accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management, and an associate of both the Guildhall Coaching Faculty and Linden Learning.

‘The extraordinary Chris Brannick…’ – Radio 3
‘Breathtaking…’ – The Guardian

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