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Mentor (PGC) – strings

Liz`s musical education began as a junior at the Royal Academy of Music, sponsored in full by her local education authority and thereafter on a scholarship at Trinity College. Her main course of study was practical, the violin and keyboard. Since then she has been earning a living using skills developed over many years.

A few years as a professional quartet player were closely followed by positions in the BBC and both London opera house orchestras. At the Royal Opera House where she had a sub- principal first violin position she was fortunate to work with the most distinguished conductors and singers of the time, and to spend time touring the world.

Since becoming a freelance player, she has worked in the London`s West End theatres and in many recording venues and concert halls, gaining experience of a very wide variety of musical styles and genres. She considers herself fortunate to have worked alongside so many talented and inspirational musicians.

Teaching and coaching have been a major part of her portfolio and she has been teaching both children and adults violin, viola and piano/keyboard since she was at college. She has combined teaching and playing in her work with the Forest Philharmonic orchestra, an amateur group with professional string section leaders. She organises and leads concerts which combine the experience of professional players with the enthusiasm and energy of younger people and students. Experience has taught her to expect the unexpected when teaching, that everybody is different, and she is particularly interested in how to motivate all comers to be the best they can.

Working with the BBC Symphony Orchestra has developed her interest in promoting new and accessible music for young people and amateurs. A set of newly commissioned string quartets has been published by Boosey and Hawkes. She has presented two seminars at ESTA conferences, is also a Trinity examiner and currently sits on council for the ISM.

Married with two children, she has always been an advocate of strong protection for children and for the professionals working with them.

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