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Specialist postgraduate programmes in conducting at RWCMD range from orchestral conducting to choral direction and brass band conducting.

Orchestral conductors benefit from in-house rehearsal and performance opportunities with various College ensembles, including the RWCMD Symphony Orchestra under the guidance of the College’s Conductor in Residence, David Jones.

The Postgraduate Brass Band Conducting programmes are led by Dr Robert Childs, one of the most recognised and accomplished figures in the field and former director of the Cory Band, the College’s Brass

Band in Residence.

The Choral Conducting programme, led by Andrea Brown, gives students the unique opportunity to work with a wide range of amateur and professional choirs, both within and outside RWCMD, as well as regular masterclasses from some of the world’s leading choral conductors and chorus masters. NYCGB, Neil Ferris, Jeremy Summerly, Alice Farnham and Simon Halsey have all recently worked with the College.


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