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Students with diverse backgrounds now benefit from working closely within this tight-knit department, which delivers specialist training covering the full range of compositional techniques and approaches through individual lessons and classes, tailored to individual needs. One of the more unique aspects of the department is that composition with electronics is considered just as important as instrumental composition.

There are regular opportunities for students to pool their experience and draw on each other’s strengths. Each student is expected to take their own individual journey very seriously while remaining open to discussions relating to aesthetics and inspiration, to the exploration of outlets for their work, and to improving the way they communicate about their music.

Our students past and present have created works that range from fully immersive audio-visual installations, to live performances for instrumentalists and electronics and interactive software instruments – we don’t exclude anything, and all our students will be encouraged to find their own way with the support of a highly specialised team of tutors.

An emphasis on pursuing collaborative partnerships with professional music bodies and organisations from other disciplines such as dance and theatre as well as record labels, recording & editing studios, film and TV companies, art galleries and other curated venues creates opportunities for composers and sonic artists to attend rehearsals and performances, recordings and film sets to observe the processes of art taking shape, to build valuable relationships with other practitioners, and to know how to function in professional creative environments.


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