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A historically informed approach to differing musical styles is an essential prerequisite for all musicians entering the profession today. The Department of Historical Performance aims to promote and develop a practical understanding of performance styles from Mediaeval to 19th century through a comprehensive, world-class programme of study.

In one-to-one lessons, you will concentrate on developing a secure technique and a broad stylistic repertoire and you will develop a working knowledge of the main national styles and the performance practices associated with those styles.

You will participate in a range of departmental performance classes as well as specialist masterclasses and workshops with leading performers in the field; all of which contribute to an exciting atmosphere of cross-discipline discussion and experimentation. In addition, specialist Historical Performance project options will allow you to conduct more detailed research into selected areas of Musicology and Performance.

The Department of Historical Performance has strong links across the College and supports a vibrant second study culture with students learning sackbut, cornett, recorder, baroque lute, theorbo, lute and a variety of keyboard and stringed instruments. The Department has an active performance calendar based around the chamber ensemble Badinerie and the Early Vocal Consort, supported by a range of internationally-renowned artists. Recent concerts have included concerts and collaborations with Rachel Podger, Roderick Williams, Red Priest and HMSC.


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