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Anna Law

Anna Law

Anna Law Hei Chin started learning the double bass at the age of 5, piano at the age of 4 and singing at the age of 6. She is currently 16 years old and wants to pursue music studies in the future. Anna is passionate to be a professional musician. She is a member of the school intermediate choir and the school Chinese orchestra. Anna is doing well in double bass, piano and vocal and has won many awards in the past.

Anna has won the 1st place in the 65th, 66th, 67th and 73rd, 2nd place in the 70th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival in double bass solo, a champion in piano solo and 1st place in the 68th, 69th, 70th and 73rd, 2nd place in 66th and 3rd place in 71st Hong Kong Schools Music Festival in vocal solo. In 2021 September, She was awarded with Grantham Music Awards by Grantham Scholarship Fund. Anna has won 2nd place in the Asia Music Competition Hong Kong Regional Preliminary Round in piano, 2nd place in the HKYPAF 8th Hong Kong International Youth Performance Arts Festival Hong Kong District Preliminary Round, 5th place in the International Final Round in piano, 3rd place in Asia Pacific Outstanding Youth Piano Competition in Youth Professional Class and 2nd in Asia Pacific Outstanding Youth Piano Competition in Youth Advanced Class.

She has obtained LTCL Diploma in double bass, ATCL Diploma in singing, and ATCL Diploma piano. She is currently preparing for LTCL Diploma in singing and LTCL Diploma in piano.

Anna was a double bass player in the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra of Hong Kong(Senior Orchestra) and currently is a member of Pro Arte Orchestra of Hong Kong. She was selected to participate in the Guinness World Records of the largest string instrument ensemble that consists of 1021 players organised by the Hong Kong String Orchestra in 2018. She has participated in the Bass International Fest 2018 in Lucca, Italy. Anna was also invited to participate in the Hong Kong Youth Orchestra inauguration concert conducted by Mr. Leung Kin Fung in 2020.

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